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About Friends of Fairport Hockey
One Team. One Community.

Fairport hockey has one of the strongest, most winning traditions in Section V—and in New York State. And behind that on-ice success, another team is working hard off-ice to ensure our coaches and kids are able to keep that tradition alive.
Friends of Fairport Hockey is a community of Red Raider parents, alumni and hockey enthusiasts that exist to raise money, develop opportunities for team building, and create an off-ice experience that strengthens our athletes’ sense of camaraderie and encourages their active involvement in post graduate years.
Our Mission
To create a positive, rewarding and enduring Varsity and Junior Varsity scholastic hockey experience – on- and off-ice – for all Red Raider players, coaches, parents, alumni and the Fairport community at large through respectful, inclusive, sustainable involvement, organization and leadership.
Our Vision
We will be the premier, volunteer-led scholastic hockey support organization not only in Section V, but in New York State as well.
Our Values
Friends of Fairport Hockey is a program that supports our kids’ success in their athletic pursuits, and further as responsible individuals representing our community as they move on into the larger world.
Therefore, all of our decisions and actions will be guided by these core values:
Respect                                   Honesty                                   Integrity
Positivity                                 Volunteer Spirit                        Teamwork
Inclusiveness                           Dedication                               Compassion