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The Ed House Award - since 1969 - The Ed House Award was initiated as a spirit award to be awarded to a player who displayed the spirit that Ed House stood for during his involvement with hockey in the Rochester area.  Ed house was a co-founder of the Rochester Lions Youth Hockey League and was intrumental in having Fairport become one of the original six teams in the Monroe County High School Hockey League.  He displayed a great love for the game of hockey and especially for the people involved in the sport. The recipient of this award exemplifies the spirit and love for the game for which Ed House stood.  He is a great team player, a player who is well liked and respected by his teammates, and is a pleasure to coach.

Past Recipients:
1969-70 Chuck Glaza
1970-71 Craig Young
1971-72 Bill Exner, Tom Tripp, Peter Lloyd
1972-73 Jeff Rious
1973-74 Dan Murphy
1974-75 Gary Robins
1975-76 Steve Fisher
1976-77 John Sweeney
1977-78 Charles McGurn
1978-79 Steve Pettis
1979-80 Pete Willis
1980-81 Kevin Ball
1981-82 Dough Olson
1982-83 T.C. Lewis
1983-84 Tom Santini
1984-85 Mike O'Grodnik
1985-86 Chris Mueller
1986-87 Chris Joyol
1987-88 John Lewis
1988-89 Jesse Kwiek
1989-90 Erik Jensen
1990-91 Brent Bivona
1991-92 Jeff Hoff
1992-93 Brian Duff
1993-94 Steve Shufelt
1994-95 Tyler Perry
1995-96 Peter Mikulec
1996-97 Jason DeMayo
1997-98 Jeff schaufelberger
1998-99 Tom Maier
1999-00 Nick Tochelli
2000-01 Matt Brolsma
2001-02 Greg Lelek
2002-03 Sean Hogan
2003-04 Tyler O'Neil
2004-05 Dan Brown
2005-06 Chris Platt
2006-07 Eric Sorenson
2007-08 Mark Lieble
2008-09 Eric Poelma
2009-10 Brian Bailey
2010-11 Matt McEvily
2011-12 Max Gerling
2012-13 Shea Green
2013-14 Brent Mazurkiewicz
2014-15 Cameron Gebhardt
2015-16 Michael Ball
2016-17 Mason Eichmann
2017-18 Evan Kaiser
2018-19 Carter Tochelli
2019-20 Nick Jasie 
2020-21 Max McNally
2021-22 Dylan Harvey