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Scott McEneany Memorial Award - since 1984 - This award is given to a senior in honor of Scott McEneany, a member of the Fairport High School Hockey team who graduated in 1979.  Scott died while serving our country as a United States Marine.  Scott showed a love of sports and always worked hard at his game.  He was a real competitor who always gave his best.  He was well liked by his teammates and always displayed good sportsmanship.  The winner of the Scott McEneany award exemplifies these qualities.

Past Recipients:
1984-85 Barry Hamel
1985-86 Eric Lofstrom
1986-87 Kevin Ritchlin
1987-88 Mike Albertson
1988-89 Ken Pettis
1989-90 Dave Kachurak
1990-91 John Lewis
1991-92 Bill Spaker
1992-93 Rory O'Connor
1993-94 Kevin Rossiter
1994-95 Luke Miller
1995-96 Greg Wicker
1996-97 P.J. Mikulec
1997-98 Mark Keffer
1998-99 Dave Montanaro
1999-00 Mike Rheinheimer
2000-01 Brian Bonn
2001-02 Chris McGee & Jason McGee
2002-03 Jeff Colegrove
2003-04 Adam Marx
2004-05 Jon Pecor
2005-06 Matt Gropp
2006-07 Shawn Runyon
2007-08 Brad Jamiso
2008-09 AJ Van Scott
2009-10 Jon Kaminska
2010-11 Koby Green
2011-12 Matt McEvily
2012-13 Jake Newkirk
2013-14 Pat Doud
2014-15 Tyler Sullivan
2015-16 Ryan Giglia
2016-17 Jordan Falk
2017-18 Jonathan Newcombe
2018-19 Nicholas LaMendola