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Fairport Hockey Awards

Each year the coaches of Fairport Hockey select players to receive each of the five awards below.  The winners are presented with the award at the end of season banquet and their names are then placed on a plaque displayed at Fairport High School.

The Red Raider Award - Since 1976 - The Red Raider Award is given to the althlete that, in the opinion of the Coach, has best demonstrated the spirit, desire, leadership, courage, and sportsmanship for their team. 

The Spark Plug Award - Since 1984 - The Spark Plug Award exemplifies a true competitor who plays hard and plays to win.  He/She is an inspirational leader who impacts the team on and off the ice.  He/She always plays the game with intesity and gives 100% all the time.  He/She is a great team player and a true winner.  

The Steve Falcone Memorial Award - since 2003 - This award is given in honor of Steve Falcone, who was a member of the Fairport High School hockey team between 1993 and 1997.  Steve began his high school career as a freshman on the practice squad and went on to set Fairport's all-time career goal scoring record, tallying 52 goals i league games during his three seasons as a starter.  Steve possessed outstanding speed, strength and agility and was a force every time he stepped on the ice.  But it was mor than Steve's skill that made him such an impact player and a team leader.  It was also the boundless enthusiasm, desire and positive attitude that he brought to the rink each day.  This award is presented to a player who, like Steve Falcone, had led by example both on and off the ice during the years of his Fairport hockey career.  It goes to a player who has strived to improve his game and that of his teammates through is positive attitude and superior effort. 

The Scott McEneany Memorial Award - since 1984 - This award is given to a senior in honor of Scott McEneany, a member of the Fairport High School Hockey team who graduated in 1979.  Scott died while serving our country as a United States Marine.  Scott showed a love of sports and always worked hard at his game.  He was a real competitor who always gave his best.  He was well liked by his teammates and always displayed good sportsmanship.  The winner of the Scott McEneany award exemplifies these qualities.

The Ed House Award - since 1969 - The Ed House Award was initiated as a spirit award to be awarded to a player who displayed the spirit that Ed House stood for during his involvement with hockey in the Rochester area.  Ed house was a co-founder of the Rochester Lions Youth Hockey League and was intrumental in having Fairport become one of the original six teams in the Monroe County High School Hockey League.  He displayed a great love for the game of hockey and especially for the people involved in the sport. The recipient of this award exemplifies the spirit and love for the game for which Ed House stood.  He is a great team player, a player who is well liked and respected by his teammates, and is a pleasure to coach.